Providing drinking water for Nargis victims

The Nargis tidal wave inundated large parts of the Ayyerwaddy Delta and contaminated the fresh water supply with salt water. In funding tube wells we are helping the people of the region to gain access to clean drinking water.

Up until now they have had to rely on stale ponds in some of the worst hit parts of the area as you can see in the pictures we've posted below. A tube well can be several hundred feet deep and it takes professional drilling equipment to drill the well.

A well with a compressor to pump up the water and a concrete tank costs roughly 1800 - 2000 US$ depending on the depth and local circumstances. In remote areas it is quite difficult to bring in the drilling equipment since certain villages can only be reached by boat. One well can provide over a thousand people with clean drinking water and therefore contributes significantly to the health of the local population.