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2012-09-09 Central Myanmar Trip for Flood Victims (01.01.2012 – 03.01.2012)

At the beginning of January 2012, 10 Saydanar members started their trip to Central Myanmar, usually the hottest and driest region in Myanmar. However, in October 2011 due to heavy rain, dams broke and certain areas were heavily flooded. Many people died and thousands lost their homes and farms. Therefore, Saydanar decided to support people in this region. The group included one general doctor and a nurse, two art teachers, one hygiene teacher and five helpers. On day two and three of the trip, Saydanar members joined Muditar (a local charity group) members to work together.

The first stop of the trip was in Kyauk Pa Daung (KPD), a town in central Myanmar, where the Saydanar doctor together with three local doctors from KPD looked after 100 patients, especially monks, aged people and orphans. Meanwhile, the art teachers gave lessons to children and students how to create drawings based on their own ideas, and afterwards, another volunteer taught them about personal hygiene. The students were very interested in learning about this important matter.

On day two Saydanar and Muditar members travelled to Kan Ma, a village that was badly affected by the floods in Oct. 2011. After getting an overview of the situation, Saydanar donated blankets and clothes to families whose homes had been swept away entirely or badly damaged. Saydanar also supported a primary school in Kan Ma with stationaries.

On the last day of the trip, Saydanar and Muditar doctors provided free medical treatment to 200 patients, who came from far-off villages to Muditar Village. The necessary medicine was provided by Saydanar.



2012-07-20 Delta Trip to Thin Kyaung, Kyun Na Pin and Bogalay (Nov. 10th – 13th, 2011) 

In November 2011 a group of Swiss, Burmese and American Saydanar volunteers travelled to three villages in the Delta region. The group consist of 2 doctors and a nurse, a social worker, artists and art teachers, regular Saydanar members, volunteers to help wherever necessary and Marijana, the first volunteer from Switzerland, who stayed in Bogalay for about six month, teaching english at a monastery school. 

During the three days the two doctors did outstanding work, as they examined and gave medication to almost 800 patients with great patience and kindness. It was very hard to see, that people in the region cannot afford treatment for the most basic health problems and that they have to accept that e.g. their eye sight gets worse or lost, even though most diseases can be treated easily.

In the meantime the social worker talked to the villagers about personal hygiene. She and her daughter also engaged the kids in songs about hygiene, as kids remember things in rhymes more easily. Compared to Switzerland, hygienic standards are extremely low, as many people are so poor, that they even cannot afford toilet paper, tooth brushes and tooth paste or even enough towels for each family member. These difficult hygienic conditions pose a huge threat to health!!

Besides learning about hygiene and waiting for their turn with the doctors, the kids had a lot of fun with the artists and art teachers by painting and drawing, as well as singing. The children also were given some toys and clothes, which were donated by Burmese donors from Yangon and Singapore. 

In Thin Kyaung, the first stop of the delta trip, Saydanar members  and villagers discussed a possible pilot project to fund a diesel generator, that could provide light for about 100 houses. Saydanar hopes to get support for set up and controlling from local volunteers from the Thin Kyaung monastry to make this project succesful.



2011-10-23 | Trip to Irrawaddy Delta (June 2011 and November 2011)

In June 2011, 7 Saydanar volunteers travelled to Bogalay and Think Kyaung village to provide medial check-ups, some stationaries for school children and knowledge on personal hygiene. This time,  apart from our Saydanar doctor our medical team included 2 new volunteers: one senior nurse who has more than 10years experience in the medical field and a person who has worked for NGOs visiting the countryside to provide knowledge on personal hygiene.

In November Swiss and local Saydanar volunteers will travel to Bogalay, Poe Laung Chaung Twin and Thin Kyaung village where we will provide medical support. In Thin Kyaung village we will discuss possible new projects with village heads and monks. 



2011-06-11 | Medical support and Stationaries

 In the evening of December 30th 2011, 7 Saydanar volunteers started their journey to the Irrawaddy Delta by ferry to visit Bogalay and the villages Poe Laung Chaung Pyar and Kwin Yar. The next 3 days they provided medical support, education support and a free lunch for school children at Kwin Yar village.

In Poe Laung Chaung Pyar village, our two volunteer doctors treated 85 patients with the help of Saydanar volunteers.

In Bogalay, 146 poor people from Bogalay and neighbouring villages got their free medical check-up and one minor eye surgery on the spot. For a 3-year old boy, Saydanar organized a major eye surgery in Yangon thanks to the donation of local donors and one Saydanar volunteer. 

In Kwin Yar village, Saydanar provided school material to the poor children and inspected the new tube well that Saydanar could build thanks to the donation of a young Burmese couple. It was also an opportunity to visit the 4 young teachers that Saydanar supports since September 2010 in their school.



2010-09-22 | Education

Education support for Kwin Yar Village starting in September 2010: Saydanar wil support 4 teachers on a monthly basis. Saydanar has won a young doctor as volunteer who will start visiting some villages in the Delta to provide some medical support.

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2010-06-04 | Emergency Water Supply for Dala Township

Due to a fierce heat wave and drought across Myanmar, Saydanar group decided to supply water for the hard hit area of Dala Township on 22nd May 2010.

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2009-12-20 | First Tube-Well up and running

Saydanar Myanmar just came back from a trip to Bogalay (7/8 November 2009), one of the main towns of the delta region that was badly hit by cyclone Nargis. From there she travelled to Aung Sii Mingalar Village where she inspected the first tube well which Saydanar funded. The tube well is up and running, supplying several villages with clean drinking water.

Aproximately one thousand villagers draw water from the well. During the dry season people from other villages nearby will also rely on this well for their drinking water. The well has been in use since August. However, the concrete tank to store water has not been completed yet due to bad weather conditions. The heavy rains prevented the tank from being built but it should be finished by January 2010.

Trips to the delta are still quite arduous and this time instead of travelling by car on extremely bad roads she travelled by boat. The ride is somewhat smoother but the boats are not equipped with lights and with nightfall at around  6 pm it becomes difficult to navigate. During her trip to the delta Shwe Cin also visited two other villages that are in need of clean drinking water and she decided that Saydanar was to fund two further tube wells.


2009-10-09 | Talk at Songtsen House

Helfen in Burma/Myanmar – Eine Reise in das goldene Land

Vortrag mit Bildern

Gewinnen Sie einen Einblick in dieses für ein westliches Publikum weitgehend unbekannte Land, das über die Medien meistens negativ wahrgenommen wird. Es ist ein Land an der Schnittstelle zwischen den Grossmächten und den Kulturräumen Indien und China, Tibet und Südost-Asien. Das Land ist die Heimat von ca. 130 verschiedenen Ethnien, es leidet unter der Drogenlast des sagenumwobenen „Goldenen Dreiecks“, und erst jüngst wurden weite Teile von einer Naturkatastrophe ungeheuren Ausmasses verwüstet.


2009-10-08 | is online

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