How you can help

You can help Saydanar do more for education and medical support either by donating or volunteering

Saydanar has been run on a strictly volunteer basis and all the funds were spent completely for the people in need for the past 4 years. We never had any overhead costs for administration and so on.

However, over time, it has become more and more difficult for the main Saydanar members to handle the adminstrative and reporting tasks in their free time. As a consequence, Saydanar was unable to communicate with our donors on a regular basis and our donors could not be informed about our activities which have actually increased. This is a pity!

Therefore, we have decided to employ somebody part-time. Since July 2012 we have one Saydanar part-time employee who has been of great help already. The monthly salary is approx. USD 150.- for 50% (depending on whether there are Saydanar trips he has to join or not). 

The authorities of the Canton of Zurich granted Saydanar tax exemption in July 2009. Donations are now tax deductable.

For payments in CHF
Account: 85-717769-9 CHF
IBAN: CH27 0900 0000 8571 7769 9
Name: Saydanar

For payments in USD
Account: 91-251536-8 USD
IBAN: CH57 0900 0000 9125 1536 8         
Name: Saydanar