Saydanar welcomes volunteers to help either on a regular basis or for a limited period of time.

Help welcome on a regular basis for the following tasks:
- Updating the website
- Help editing and preparing reports
- Raising funds
- Joining Saydanar trips (for residents in Myanmar)

Help welcome for a limited period of time:
- Volunteering as a teacher
- Volunteering as a medical doctor
- If you have any other ideas how you could help poor people improve their living standards, your ideas are more than welcome!

You don't have to be a trained teacher in order to help improve children's English skills. It is enough that you enjoy doing activities with kids that make them talk, sing and play in English. 

You can also teach them any other subject (in English). They will profit a lot just from having to communicate with somebody who doesn't speak Myanmar. You can be sure that the kids will love having you as a teacher!

A Swiss volunteer taught English in Bogalay (Irrawaddy Delta) from mid-November 2011 to beginning of April 2012. Read more here

A family from Switzerland volunteered for 5 days in July  2012 (1 doctor (pediatrician), 1 English teacher and their son). Read more here.

A couple from Switzerland volunteered at Pann Pyo Let Monastic Education School for 3 weeks in January 2013. Read more here.

Please contact us for further information: