Donation Trip to Kyet Sin Pyo (and other villages)

On 15 June 2008 Shwe Cin and other Saydanar members went on a food donation trip to the delta together with a team organised and sponsored by timber traders. This is a good example of how different parts of Myanmar society and professional organisations of the country all stood together to help the people in their country. They met aid recipients at monasteries in the delta. The monasteries serve as information and relief supplies exchange points. Both donors and relief recipients converge on these monasteries because the donors depend on the first hand knowledge of the situation provided by the monasteries and the people of the scattered villages depend on the relief supplies brought to the monasteries by the donor groups.

Our group did not stay at the monastery but decided to go to several villages to assess the situation themselves. The trip by boat in the labyrinthine river system of the delta was dangerous and the situation in the villages dramatic. One of the villages had been covered by two meters of water and 20 - 30 people who had been working on the nearby fields were missing and had to be presumed dead. Roughly half of the families were in a bad condition. Due to the worsening weather our group had to turn back. In one of the villages they were informed about a broadcast by the cyclone alarm that another storm was about to hit the delta.