It is Saydanar's aim to provide some support to schoolchildren in the Delta. We are now starting a new project to support teachers in a monastery school who earn only USD 5 per month. 4 teachers in Kwin Yar Village will get support from Saydanar starting September 2010.

A young Swiss lady has volunteered as an English teacher for almost 5 months from November 2011 to April 2012 in the Irrawaddy Delta. She was extremely popular with the schoolchildren at the monastery school and brought them a teaching style they have never experienced before which included a lot more activities to improve their conversational skills. 

Also, we have won a young Burmese doctor and a general doctor as volunteers and are now planning to raise money for medicine so that we can help schoolchildren and other poor people on a regular basis. The idea is that our volunteer doctors will visit villages/schools in the Delta on a regular basis and help where it is needed.

Kwin Yar Village is location no. 1 in the map below.