Water for Dala Township

Water shortages in Myanmar

Due to a fierce heat wave that started in February in combination with a drought there have been serious water shortages in many parts of Myanmar since mid-April. Normally the monsoon sets in around the end of April so that there is not much of a problem regarding the supply of water.

This year, because of the delay of the rain and temperatures rising as high as 42-45°C till mid-May, the situation has become critical for many people across the country.

In Dala Township, across the Yangon River, people rely on big ponds (in total 20 ponds with a max. depth of 18ft). These ponds started drying up beginning of May so that the people of Dala had to depend on the help of the local volunteers and donors.

Saydanar Activities

On May 16, Saydanar went to Dala,  to survey the situation and get into contact with locals and truck drivers. We then gathered information on the situation from locals in Dala daily.

On May 22 Saydanar volunteers went to Dala by ferry to meet with locals and started to distribute water using 2 trawlers with about 400 gallons of water to distribute water in the poorest areas of Dala where the streets are too narrow for big trucks.

In addition, we distributed water with 4 trucks to other parts of Dala. Each truck was accompanied by 2 of our volunteers who managed the distribution to the locals. The trucks had to be loaded first with water from another village called Pauk Vilage.

After the 2nd round locals prepared a simple vegetarian meal for all volunteers since there were volunteers from other groups and of all religions. The 3rd round took place after lunch and the trucks and trawlers were again filled with water.  

Saydanar group could distribute water to over 600 families during that day.

Special Thanks

Special Thanks go to our donors who are ready to help in such times of emergency as well as to our volunteers, especially Cho Lei Swe whe never says "NO" when Saydanar needs to visit villages for survey and gathering information, far or near from Yangon.

We would also like to thank the other volunteers who joined the donation trip to Dala on 22th May 2010: Cho Lei Swe, Saw Thi, Thet Su, Thet Thet, Ko Zay Yar, Aunty Tin Tin Kyi, Nyi Nyi. Without your support it would be impossible to organize the donation of water in a small town like Dala which is almost more difficult than handling the donation of food, stationary or building tube wells at villages in the Delta.

Situation now

The monsoon rains have started now and the situation is improving. With the money left that was raised in the past weeks, we will build more tube wells for water supply and support school children. We are currently gathering information on where help is most needed.