Flood Victims in Central Myanmar

Central Myanmar Trip for Flood Victims (01.01.2012 – 03.01.2012)

At the beginning of January 2012, 10 Saydanar members started their trip to Central Myanmar, usually the hottest and driest region in Myanmar. However, in October 2011 due to heavy rain, dams broke and certain areas were heavily flooded. Many people died and thousands lost their homes and farms. Therefore, Saydanar decided to support people in this region. The group included one general doctor and a nurse, two art teachers, one hygiene teacher and five helpers. On day two and three of the trip, Saydanar members joined Muditar (a local charity group) members to work together.

The first stop of the trip was in Kyauk Pa Daung (KPD), a town in central Myanmar, where the Saydanar doctor together with three local doctors from KPD looked after 100 patients, especially monks, aged people and orphans. Meanwhile, the art teachers gave lessons to children and students how to create drawings based on their own ideas, and afterwards, another volunteer taught them about personal hygiene. The students were very interested in learning about this important matter.

On day two Saydanar and Muditar members travelled to Kan Ma, a village that was badly affected by the floods in Oct. 2011. After getting an overview of the situation, Saydanar donated blankets and clothes to families whose homes had been swept away entirely or badly damaged. Saydanar also supported a primary school in Kan Ma with stationaries.

On the last day of the trip, Saydanar and Muditar doctors provided free medical treatment to 200 patients, who came from far-off villages to Muditar Village. The necessary medicine was provided by Saydanar.