Central Myanmar 2012 July

In January 2012, Saydanar first organized a volunteering trip to Central Myanmar to support flood victims near Kyauk Padaung and Pa Khote Khu. This 2nd volunteering trip to this normally very dry area was organized to follow up on the situation there and also to check needs of the area.

Day 1 – July 25th 2012: 3 German volunteers from Switzerland arrived in Kyauk Padaung around 4pm. U Hla Myint Nyein, his wife and 3 people from Myanmar Eye Care Foundation (MECF) were waiting for them at Shwe Na Di Monastery, Kyauk Padaung. All volunteers stayed over night at the monastery.

Day 2 – July 26th 2012: In the morning, the German doctor started to do medical check-ups at Shwe Na Di Monastery. 50 children were being treated. The 3 volunteers from MECF joined Saydanar and assisted the German doctor. Meanwhile, the German teacher and her son gave English lessons at the monastery where 50 children attended.

Towels, stationeries, old clothes and used sandals were donated at Shwe Na Di monastery on that day. For 150 students we donated each 2 towels labeled with numbers so that each student can recognize his or her 2 towels for hygienic reasons. The students were instructed by our volunteer English teacher and one Mu Di Tar doctor on the reasons for the need of hygiene and the use of the towels.

The towels as well as the medicine were donated by a Swiss donor. The old clothes and sandals were donated by Myanmar local donors.

Day 3 – July 27th 2012: Saydanar members and the German doctor joined the local volunteer medical care center, managed by a local doctor named Dr. Hla Tun and 16 volunteers. Dr. Hla Tun is normally working on the Road to Mandalay cruise ship. The clinic is open 3 days/week at a monastery named Nat Taung Kyaung in Bagan. This monastery is 253 years old and includes 8 locations (about 6 hectares), managed by an old monk named U Than Wa Ra, aged 75. The land is owned by the monastery, the buildings were built by Dr. Hla Tun and his team. On that day, German doctor looked after 60 child patients at this monastery, supported by MECF.

The German volunteer teacher and her son visited Taung Phii monastery school and gave English lessons to 300 students, separated 2 groups. Taung Phii school is one of the 8 monastery schools supported by Dr. Hla Tun and his team.

Day 4 – July 28th 2012: The doctor joined Dr. Hla Tun’s team at Nat Taung Kyaung Monastery in Bagan. On that day, 66 child patients were being treated. In the early morning, 2 more Saydanar members joined the team.

The German volunteer teacher and her son visited a village named Pyon monastery school (which is 20 miles away from Nyaung Oo) to give English lessons to 250 students. Pyon monastery school also belongs to the 8 monastery schools supported by Dr. Hla Tun and his team. The German volunteer family donated 100 ballpoint pens at Pyon monastery school. Dr. Hla Tun and team supported stationeries for Pyon monastery.

After visiting Pyon, the German volunteer teacher and her son visited Taung Phii school for their 2nd day of teaching.

Day 5 – July 29th 2012: The German doctor and Dr. Tun’s team provided medical support at Nat Taung Kyaung in Bagan. 50 child patients were treated. 10 volunteers from the Mu Di Tar volunteer doctors group from KPD joined with Saydanar. The German doctor donated some medicine which he brought from Switzerland to Mu Di Tar volunteer group.

The German volunteer teacher and her son visited a village named Htee Puu which is 50 miles away from Nyaung Oo. They gave English lessons at Htee Puu monastery school to 300 students. Htee Puu monastery school is another of the 8 monastery schools supported by Dr. Tun and his team.