Tube-well, education and medical support

On 25th December 2009 Saydanar volunteers inspected the tube-well from which approx. 1000 villagers draw water. During the dry season people from other villages nearby also rely on this well for their drinking water. The well has been in use since August.

It takes 3 hours by boat to reach the village from Bogalay Township. School children from neighbouring villages come to Aung Sii Mingalar to attend school. They come to the village by boats. The jetty was destroyed and made landing difficult, especially during the rainy season. Saydanar provided the funds for a new jetty while villagers volunteered in building the jetty.

During this trip last December, Saydanar organized and supported Aung Sii Mingalar with the following:

- Teaching technique: a volunteer high school teacher discussed with local teachers ideas on teaching technique
- Stationaries for school children
- Some cash for local teachers which are badly paid: 10USD/person
- 3 volunteer doctors who did some medical check-up (medicine was provided by an Italian doctor who didn't join the trip)
- 350 school children were provided with a free lunch